Anixi Au Pair

Terms and Conditions

Anixi Au Pair: Terms and Conditions

1. General
At Anixi, we understand that our relationship with you is based on confidence and trust. Therefore, before applying for Anixi’s au pair program, it’s important that you understand the way we work at Anixi and what expectations you may have from us. Therefore, we ask you to read the following carefully
Anixi is a company registered in Sweden. These terms and conditions apply between you and Anixi (Anixi HB, Anixi Au Pair). It is important that you read the terms carefully before submitting your application. By using our service, you agree to these terms and conditions and commit to follow them.


2. How to become an au pair with Anixi
Anixi transfers au pairs to host families through our partner organisations at destinations around the world. At Anixi, we help you throughout the application process and make sure you get prepared well for the amazing experience and challenge of being an au pair. At Anixi, we know the importance of clear communication and the trusted relationship between us and our au pairs. This permeates everything we do and of course the way we handle your application and participation in the au pair program.


3. Scope and implementation of the service
Anixi provides a service. The service consists of managing your application, assisting with visa applications for the countries where visas are required and transferring to a location of one of our (Anixi’s) partner organisations to a host family in the country you have applied for.
The application criteria are different depending on the country you apply for. Information about application criteria and what applies for each country can be found on our website.
We place great importance on who we work with and we apply the demands imposed on us through our partner organisations. Therefore, we cannot change or waive any application criteria. If you are not sure whether you meet the requirements for becoming an au pair, please contact us.


The application is made in three parts (you will receive information with clear instructions for each step via e-mail). In the first part, fill in the application form and write a letter with pictures. This is the basis of your application and the first thing that potential host families will see in the matching process. Once we have received your application form, we will contact you to schedule an appointment for an interview.

The second part consists of an interview. The interview is given because it is important to get to know all applicants, talk about expectations (both yours and ours), application criteria and also give you the chance to ask any questions. After the interview, we will notify you if you have been approved and proceed with your application.

In the third and last part, you need to submit your health certificates, tax registry extract, references (if you have not already submitted your references in the application) as well as copies of passports, grades and possibly your driving license (if any).


For most of our destinations, you can begin your matching process after the interview has been approved (i.e. choose your next host family). However, please note that you cannot be matched formally before the entire application is complete, verified and approved by Anixi as well as our partner organisations.

When your application is complete, a final check will be made by Anixi. We will ensure that all information is correct, your references are verified, and that everything looks good. You are responsible for providing accurate information to Anixi when completing the application and during the application process. If you have filled in information that is not correct, Anixi has the right to unilaterally reject your application. To be placed as an au pair, your application must be approved by both Anixi and our partner organisation in the country you have applied for. There is no guarantee that your application will be approved.

Anixi does its utmost to fulfil most of your wishes, to the extent possible. However, it is not certain that we will be able to accommodate all your wishes, such as placement in a specific location. You can choose to accept the host family that suits you best.


Once you have accepted the host family, you will conclude an agreement with it through Anixi’s partner organisation in the country where you are going. The agreement shall include information about the start date, the number of working hours as an au pair for the host family and what compensation you will receive for your work. If you would like to change a family during your au pair stay, please contact our partner organisation. They will do their best to help you, depending on the choice of available host families.


4. Scope of our responsibilities
Anixi’s legal responsibility towards you applies only during the actual application process until you have been placed, but not during the trip or in the country where you are going. We are responsible for helping you throughout the application process, practical preparation for your departure (e.g. instructions about the visa application, packing-list of information about what you should have with you, etc.). You have to book the trip to the country where you are going yourself. Alternatively, this is done by Anixi’s partner organisation to the countries where flights are included in the program fee.


Anixi bears no responsibility for you during the trip or stay in the country where you are an au pair. By applying as an au pair with Anixi, you understand that Anixi is not responsible for the actions of the host family or Anixi’s partner organisations. Anixi cannot be in any way held responsible for the behaviour of the host family or our partner organisations and also under no circumstances is liable for any loss, damage or claim arising in connection with your au pair stay.


5. Anixi is there to support you throughout your au pair stay
However, we want to emphasise that it is also extremely important for Anixi that you get a positive experience as an au pair. Therefore, you are welcome to contact us for advice and support throughout your au pair stay abroad and after your return. We offer support to all au pairs and you will always have your personal contact person to talk to. However, Anixi has no legal responsibility for your departure, stay or return.


6. Payment of the program fee
At Anixi, we do not believe that you should pay before you get what you want. Therefore, we have no application fee but only a program fee. You will pay the program fee to Anixi after you have accepted a host family. That is, when you have formally accepted a family’s invitation.
The invoice will be sent to your email as specified in your application. Payment must be made according to the instructions on the invoice. The amount of fee and what the program fee includes may vary depending on the country you have applied for. Learn more about what is included in your country of residence on our website or our digital brochures. The program fee is non-refundable.


7. Other expenses
To become an au pair, you also incur some other expenses that are not paid for by Anixi. For example, the cost of an extract from your police criminal record, health check-up, charge for visa, insurance, travel to the airport etc. You will pay these costs directly to the appropriate party and Anixi is not responsible.


8. Handling of personal data
By using Anixi’s Services, you agree and consent to the collection and use of your Personal Information under these Terms and Conditions and our Privacy Policy. You may, of course, revoke your consent and personal information, but this may mean you can no longer use our services. The information you submit to us by filling in the application (personal data, photos, health certificates, etc.) are visible to our partners and host families participating in the au pair program.
We may share photos and other material submitted to us in the social media or on the website. Of course, this is never done without first agreeing to such handling.


We are responsible for the protection and processing of your personal data in accordance with applicable legislation.
Furthermore, we are responsible for taking technical and organisational measures required for personal data protection.

The purpose of our handling of personal data is:
• To comply with our contractual and legal obligations.
• To provide and manage your access to the services.
• To provide information or direct marketing via email or by telephone.
• To prevent and restrict abuse of the service.


In some cases, we share information with our partners so that they can customise offers for our users.
We will not share, sell, transfer or otherwise disclose personal data other than as provided in these General Terms, unless we are required to do so as a result of a legal obligation or have received your consent. If there is any suspicion that you have committed a crime in connection with the use of the service, information may be provided to the authorities upon request. After a balancing of interests, we may also choose to disclose information to others if it is necessary to prevent crimes or the information is necessary to clarify specific disputes about advertisements.
Your personal information will not be stored longer than necessary to fulfil the purposes of the processing as described in these General Terms.
You have the right to request that we either correct, block or erase personal data as specified in applicable law.


9. Insurance
Anixi recommends and encourages you to ensure that you have valid insurance coverage during your period of time as an au pair. Anixi is not responsible for insurance during your period of time as an au pair. In cases where insurance is included in the program fee, Anixi’s partner organisation organises and finances this. If there are any questions about insurance or claims for insurance compensation, you should always contact the insurance company directly
We can assist in providing insurance policy for au pair jobs abroad to facilitate you. However, Anixi is not an insurance mediator and has no responsibility for what is included in the insurance. It is up to you to check what the insurance covers and if you have any questions regarding the insurance you should always contact the insurance company directly. It is up to you to choose which insurance you want to sign.


10. Force majeure
Anixi may postpone or impede execution of the service for a reasonable period if impediments to its execution arising from circumstances that Anixi could not overcome (a so called force majeure event). Such events or conditions may include war, natural events, fire, lightning, terrorist attacks, amended government regulations or anything beyond Anixi’s control. A force majeure event means that Anixi is completely exempt from financial consequences such as damages and other penalties.


11. Applicable law and dispute settlement
Swedish law shall be applied to the contractual terms governed by these general terms and conditions. Disputes arising from this Agreement shall be settled in the General Court.


12. Miscellaneous
At Anixi, we strive to ensure that the information on our website, brochures, advertisements and other promotional material is accurate and up to date, but we have the right of typing errors or incorrect information. Anixi has the right to correct any errors and change or update the information on the website at any time. If we have stated an incorrect price, Anixi will notify you and will not proceed with your application before we have received your approval. Anixi also reserves the right not to update the information on the website as well as changes made by our partner organisations or in the country where you are going to as Anixi cannot advise or receive information.


13. Contact information and personal information representative
We hope we have been clear but if you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us. The personal information representative is Natalie Söderlind,